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Encompas Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series - Featuring Dr. Glenn Landry
April 27 - Part 1/3 – Sleep Matters! We kick off this series with an introduction to the consensus sleep science explaining why, if you want to be elite, you need to first become and Elite Sleeper. We explain how sleep health status impacts every aspect of human health and performance. Participants will learn: (1) what defines Elite Sleep (i.e., optimal sleep architecture); (2) how to objectively measure their sleep architecture; and (3) how to begin their journey toward better sleep health.

May 25 - Part 2/3 – Why can’t I Sleep? Having begun our journey with an understanding of what Elite Sleep looks like, and the opportunity to objectively evaluate our sleep health status; we follow up with a deep dive into the drivers of poor sleep health. Participants will learn: (1) the impact of shift work on sleep health and why we’re all shift workers; (2)how sleep changes as a normal course of aging, beginning in our 30’s; and (3) what our Sleep Accountant does and how drugs (e.g., caffeine, alcohol, CBD, medications, and supplements) impact sleep architecture.

June 22 - Part 3/3 – Circadian Rhythms are the secret to Sleep Health! We finish this series with an exploration of circadian rhythms, explaining how timing is everything when it comes to driving optimal sleep health. We have daytime and nighttime physiology, biology, and behaviour and these processes must be kept separated by time because they are incompatible. When we turn our nights into days and days into nights, circadian regulation is dramatically impaired, resulting in poor health and performance. Participants will learn: (1) how to fix a broken circadian clock; (2) the importance of light, mealtimes, and physical activity to promote stronger circadian regulation; and (3) how to turn back the clock on accelerated aging.
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